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We provide services in a wide range of areas. Under Emergency Services we provide Ambulance Services, Emergency Visits of Doctors and Hospital to Hospital transportation support with Doctors and Nurses. In Primary Care of patients, we provide home-based doctor's consultation as well as nursing services. Medical Sample Collection for Diagnostic services as well as referral services are also available.

For patients who have just been discharged from hospitals we provide a range of post-hospitalization services. These include: 24 hours Bedside Nursing Care, Follow-up Doctor's visits in collaboration with primary consultant, Tracheostomy care, Wound care and change of dressings, Physiotherapy, Dietary services, Urinary Catheterization, Ryle's tube insertion, Colostomy Care, Injections, Bed baths, IV fluid transfusions, Suction, Bowel Wash and Enema, Oral Care and Bladder Wash.

Medical equipments we provide include for Home Oxygen, Home BIPAP, Portable Suction, Nebulizers, Cardiac monitors, Pulse Oxymeter, Wheel chairs and cots.

We provide pain and palliative care services like Cancer Wound dressing, nutrition monitoring and counseling. Pain management is always done in collaboration with the Primary consultants.

Rehabilitation services include post-stroke care, post-tracheostomy care, physical therapy, Alzheimer's Care, Dementia, Post-surgical care, Assisted Mobilization, Brain and Spinal Cord injury care and preventing pressure ulcers.

Monitoring for chronic conditions include anticoagulant therapy, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Heart Disease and Cancers.

We also provide geriatric care for aged patients. Services include General Health Check-ups, follow up check-ups, nutrition monitoring, training and education of by-standers, medication management, oral hygiene and skin care and counseling.

why choose us

  • Care and cure may help to avoid prolonged hospitalization which prevent hospital acquired infection
  • Avoid difficult hospital transportation
  • Compared to hospital, expense is less
  • We provide 24x7 professional home nursing service. It can help to improve patients' physical and mental status
  • Continuity of monitoring can help chronic disease control
  • We provide treatment as per primary consultant guidance


It gives me immense pleasure to write about 'Care and Cure'; a novel venture founded with a genuine cause of reaching out to the people who seek medical care and attention. I had sought for their service when my father fell sick and was not able to support himself. I opted for their service for more than three months and.............[Read More]
- Dr. B. Arundhathi

We have been using the health care services of Care And Cure since last few months. We are satisfied with the same and it has helped as provide personalized health care right at the comforts of our home for Dad. God bless Mr. Shiju,Dr.Jayalal&team may their............[Read More]
Mr & Mrs Hari Nair, SreeHari, Nalanchira, Trivandrum